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Steps to Freedom

1. Indifference

Freedom2change often talks with people who have never thought that they have a problem or even thought of making a change in their sex habits. These people have phoned and entered treatment only because someone else said that they have a problem. An effort is made to increase the client’s perception of the risks and problems associated with current behavior.

2. Crisis

Crisis is the point at which one feels he or she must change or else. Change becomes necessary if one is going to avoid further problems and reconnect with the family. It could also occur once he or she is made aware of the consequences of his or her indifference. Often the person feels backed into a corner with limited options and as a result it can be a very emotional period.

3. Examination

This stage is the recognition that someone could even have a problem with sexual habits. There is an effort to find out what a problem with sex looks and feels like. It is a period of education and consciousness raising in an attempt to better understand the risks of not changing and a strengthening of the persons self-confidence to change.

4. Decision

Once fully informed clients must decide what they are going to do with this knowledge. Typically they have 3 choices either; fight it, avoid it, or talk about it. Most feel glad that they are making a commitment and choosing a direction. Sadly, there is also a sense that just making the commitment will free them and so over confidence often ensues.

5. Plan

Help the client to determine the best course of action to take in seeking change. A tremendous feeling of empowerment ensues as the client feels liberated and confident in his or her ability to change.

6. Hard work

When results do not come quickly or the pain becomes to great clients struggle and doubt the severity of their earlier crisis.

7. Unexpected pain

At this stage the client is doing all of the right things but getting the wrong results (give up porn but your wife continues to treat you poorly). Most are tempted to give up on their goal and unfortunately many do. People often quit when success is right around the corner. Clients must learn to feel their pain and react and learn to differentiate between serious pain and temporary inconvenience.

8. Recommit

If a lapse does occur one must see failure for what it is, make appropriate adjustments, and move on. It is important at this stage to weigh options and consider the long term consequences of their behavior.

9. Joy and integration

At this stage, the changes are truly a part of your life. Moving from a place of disconnection to integration is difficult but vital if one is to find true contentment and hope.