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You are not alone (continued)

The male is in a battle for control the moment the hormones begin to flow. Those who don’t engage in this battle or give up over time can become dangerous to women and it will destroy their life. This struggle can produce tremendous guilt and shame. Lust becomes a war from within that appears to have no possibility for victory. It feels as though erotic stimuli is everywhere and exposure can not be escaped. Because a women’s bodies produce a different set of hormones it is difficult for them to understand. And so the secrets begin, the fear, and the shame. Men rarely discuss their sexual feelings. In fact studies have shown that 25% of men do not talk with anyone about this sensitive topic. This web page is dedicated to the education of both men and women in male sexuality and the addictive nature of lust. Phone therapists are provided to establish confidential counseling contact for both men and women. We have been counseling people who struggle with addictions for almost 10 years. Calling will enable you to answer some of your most personal questions in a completely confidential way from the convenience and privacy of your own home. While seeing a counselor at his or her office can be expensive, time consuming, and may create feelings of vulnerability, talking with a trained professional by phone can give you a feeling of control over the beast within in just minutes per week.

If you doubt the importance sign up for a personal session and beginning the fight against some of your well established habits than ask yourself if......

  • something does not feel right
  • you have been groping for answers
  • you want things to change
  • others have mentioned or hinted at a problem
  • you feel badly about the way you treat other people
  • you are tired of fighting alone
  • things are getting worse, not better
  • you sense you are losing control

If you feel embarrassed or unsure here are some of the many questions that have been asked before......

  • Am I normal?
  • What is normal?
  • Am I oversexed?
  • Am I undersexed?
  • Can I control my sex drive?
  • How often does the average healthy male think about sex?
  • How frequently do boys masturbate?
  • How does exposure to pornographic magazines or x-rated movies affect male sexuality?
  • Why are men more prone to develop sexual fetishes about the female body?