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Introduction (continued)

Are you tired of hiding in an office or a room looking at women you cannot have? Fantasizing over computer generated dates that are actually mocking you and your insatiable needs. Spending your money, time, and pride in exchange for empty intimacy?

I must warn you that even reading further puts you at risk of exposure and a type of vulnerability that can bring even the strongest of men to his knees.

This site is dedicated to assisting men and women in their effort to expose themselves and their past efforts at securing sexual gratification through self destructive ways.

Vulnerability is the worst possible feeling in the search for sex. The fear of exposure keeps us in secret solitude, the paradox being that the very thing we crave (intimacy and closeness with another person) is also that which we fear. If we expose ourselves in an attempt to find healing and true intimacy, we risk the feeling of shame and shame separates us from others and God. In this lies the bind: if we expose ourselves, we will feel shame and risk the losing relationships, but if we continue to live a secret life of lust we will slowly strangle our relationships, suffocating them through dishonesty and failed allegiance.