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Freedom 2 Change is dedicated to helping people struggling with sexual addictions.

learn devotion to discipline with dignity

Freedom 2 Change is dedicated to helping people struggling with sexual addictions.

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No accident
If you found this site accidentally while searching for porn, hard core XXX or if you are disappointed that there are no girls on this first page ... then you should continue. This hunt will bring you fulfillment like never before because rather than the momentary gratification of fantasy this discussion is based in truth.  Read more ...
Do you have a sexual addiction?
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You are not alone
The average normal male thinks about sex more often than he cares to admit. Sex on the net is rampant. According to Forbes (1998), one out of every three internet surfers visits a pornographic web site every month. Men often wake up thinking about it and use sexual thoughts to put themselves to sleep at night. It effects everyone from truck drivers to pastors. Deeply religious men may try to deny it, but they can be just as obsessed with sex as hard-core pornography addicts. Because the sex drive is primarily a matter of hormones, getting religious may help with control but it does not take sexual desire away. Read more ...

Thought of the Week

Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct (Thomas Carlyle)

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