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Sexual Addiction Assessment

Do you have a sexual addiction?

These are just some general questions to assess the possibility that you might have a problem with sexual addictions. If you answer YES to any or all of them, we encourage you to consider contacting the counselors at Freedom2Change.

  1. Have sexual thoughts affected your ability to function properly at work or school?
  2. Do you struggle to control or stop your sexual thoughts and or behavior?
  3. Do you think about sex either more or less than you would like to?
  4. Do you feel that there is another person or force inside you that drives your sexually?
  5. Do you feel empty or shameful after having sexual fantasies or sexual activity?
  6. Do you use sexual thoughts and/or behaviors to deal with, deny, or avoid problems in your life?
  7. Do you risk legal problems in order to be sexual?
  8. Do you think that your sexual abilities are the most important qualities you have to offer others?
  9. Do your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors interfere with your spiritual or religious life?  Do your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors cause you to believe that you do not deserve to have  religious or spiritual life?
  10. Have you lost or risked losing a job because of your sexual behaviors?
  11. Do you scan printed materials (novels, newspapers, magazines) or change channels on the TV just to find something sexually stimulating?
  12. Do you spend time looking through windows, hoping you might see something that will be sexually stimulating?
  13. Have you destroyed a collection of pornographic material and then replaced it after vowing never to purchase pornography again?
  14. Has an important relationship in your life ended because of you inability to stop being sexual outside of that relationship?